International Conference on
Strings, Fields and Holograms
11 – 15 October 2021
Monte Verità Conference Center – Ascona, Switzerland

Travel Information

Here is some useful information concerning how to get to the conference.

Arrival and Departure Times

The canonical arrival date is Sunday, 10 October, when there will be a welcome reception at 18:00, followed by dinner at 19:00. The canonical departure time is Friday, 15 October after lunch.

Train Connections to Switzerland

In view of the aim of Swiss academic institutions to significantly reduce the CO₂ emission footprint related to scientific exchange, we encourage you to travel to Switzerland by train as far as reasonably possible.

Fast connections from neighbouring countries and major European cities like Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam, Brussels, Barcelona, etc exist, and there are convenient night train services from Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna.

Typical connections to Locarno and the conference centre are via Zürich, Milano or Genève.

To Locarno

To get to the conference centre, you should take a train to Locarno, which is connected to the major train lines via Bellinzona (north/south, e.g. Zürich, Milano) or Domodossola (west, e.g. Genève).

Trains from Zürich or Milano to Bellinzona leave at intervals of 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

In Bellinzona you can switch to the local train S20 to Locarno – trains leave every 30 minutes.

Train connection, times and tickets can be obtained on the SBB website.

From Locarno to the Conference Centre

On the arrival day, Sunday, 10 October, there will be a shuttle bus service from Locarno train station to the conference centre. It will depart at 15:30, 16:20, 17:20, 18:20, 19:20, and it will operate on a first come first serve basis. For directions and alternatives, please see this link. On the departure day, Friday, 15 October, we shall organise a return shuttle bus operating between 10:30 and 15:00.

Conference Venue

Monte Verità Conference Center
Strada Collina 84
6612 Ascona