International Conference on
Strings, Fields and Holograms
11 – 15 October 2021
Monte Verità Conference Center – Ascona, Switzerland

Scientific Programme


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08:00 – 09:30 9:15 welcome address mp4 breakfast
09:30 – 10:15 Alday pdf mp4 Jafferis Bousso pdf mp4 Yamazaki pdf mp4 Gaberdiel pdf mp4
10:15 – 11:00 Bergshoeff pdf mp4 Nayak pdf mp4 Broedel pdf mp4 Orlando pdf mp4 Belin pdf mp4
11:00 – 11:30 coffee
11:30 – 12:15 Cuomo pdf mp4 Minwalla mp4 Li pdf mp4 Sen mp4 Castro pdf mp4
12:30 – 14:30 lunch
14:30 – 15:15 Gauntlett pdf mp4 Volovich pdf mp4 free afternoon
14:30Shashi pdf mp4
14:50Sanchez Garrido pdf mp4
15:10Salehi Vaziri pdf mp4
16:00Pellizzani pdf mp4
16:20Mouland pdf mp4
16:40Kastikainen pdf mp4
17:00Galvagno pdf mp4
15:15 – 16:00 Gaiotto pdf mp4 Hartman pdf mp4
16:00 – 16:30 coffee
16:30 – 17:15 Hartnoll pdf mp4 Strominger mp4
17:15 – 18:00 Sachdev pdf mp4 Seiberg pdf mp4
evening 19:00
conference dinner

All talks take place at the auditorium of the Monte Verità conference centre, Ascona.

Special Events

List of Talks

Fernando AldayMon 09:30 pdf mp4Gluon Scattering in AdS from CFT
Alex BelinFri 10:15 pdf mp4Bootstrapping Quantum Extremal Surfaces
Eric BergshoeffMon 10:15 pdf mp4Advances in non-relativistic quantum gravity
Raphael BoussoWed 09:30 pdf mp4Quantum Singularities
Johannes BroedelWed 10:15 pdf mp4Recursion and doubling for scattering amplitudes: a geometrical viewpoint
Alejandra CastroFri 11:30 pdf mp4Near-AdS₂ Spectroscopy: Black Hole Zoo in N=2 4D supergravity
Gabriel CuomoMon 11:30 pdf mp4Renormalization Group Flows on Line Defects
Matthias GaberdielFri 09:30 pdf mp4The string dual of free N=4 SYM
Davide GaiottoMon 15:15 pdf mp4Giant gravitons in Twisted Holography
Francesco GalvagnoThu 17:00 pdf mp4Strong coupling of N=2 SCFTs and holography
Jerome GauntlettMon 14:30 pdf mp4Branes wrapped on spindles
Thomas HartmanTue 15:15 pdf mp4Holographic duality for averaged WZW models
Sean HartnollMon 16:30 pdf mp4Entanglement in Matrix Quantum Mechanics
Daniel JafferisTue 09:30 Matrix models for JT gravity with dynamical end of the world branes
Jani KastikainenThu 16:40 pdf mp4Structure of Holographic BCFT Correlators from Geodesics
Wei LiWed 11:30 pdf mp4BPS algebras and representations from colored crystals
Shiraz MinwallaTue 11:30 mp4The Hilbert Space for Matter Chern Simons Theories
Rishi MoulandThu 16:20 pdf mp4Five-Dimensional Path Integrals for Six-Dimensional (S)CFTs
Pranjal NayakTue 10:15 pdf mp4Wormholes in Quantum Ergodicity
Domenico OrlandoThu 10:15 pdf mp4The large N effective potential from large charge
Vito PellizzaniThu 16:00 pdf mp4Operator spectrum of nonrelativistic CFTs at large charge
Subir SachdevMon 17:15 pdf mp4Crossover from a fractionalized SYK spin liquid to a confining spin glass
Kamran Salehi VaziriThu 15:10 pdf mp4Non-perturbative cosmological bootstrap
Adrian Sanchez GarridoThu 14:50 pdf mp4Operator complexity: a journey to the edge of Krylov space
Nathan SeibergTue 17:15 pdf mp4Exotic Theories and UV/IR Mixing
Ashoke SenThu 11:30 mp4D-instanton amplitudes in string theory
Sanjit ShashiThu 14:30 pdf mp4Black Holes Interiors as Analytically Continued RG Flow
Andy StromingerTue 16:30 mp4Asymptotic w-infinity Symmetry of 4D Gravity
Anastasia VolovichTue 14:30 pdf mp4Recent Developments in N=4 Yang-Mills Amplitudes
Masahito YamazakiThu 09:30 pdf mp4Theta Vacua in 4d Yang-Mills Theories