International Conference on
Symmetries of String Theory

Centro Stefano Franscini Monte Verità
Ascona, Switzerland

26.-31. August 2007

Conference Center

09.15–10.15 Kapustin Mariño Beisert Hull Papadopoulos
10.15–10.45 Gukov Klemm Minahan Berman Gran
11.15–11.45 Shatashvili Reffert Dorey Simon Milanesi
11.45–12.15 Goddard Obers de Boer Vandoren
Lunch Break
14.30–15.30 Schomerus Nicolai Hanany
15.30–16.00 Fredenhagen Kleinschmidt Gutperle
16.30–17.00 Runkel Bergshoeff Gannon
17.00–17.30 Roggenkamp Houart Gannon
17.45–18.15 Wendland


Beisert Symmetries of AdS/CFT Integrability
Bergshoeff What can we learn about Supergravity from E11?
Berman Quantum aspects of the doubled formalism of string theory
de Boer Multi-center AdS Black Holes
Dorey ODEs and IMs
Fredenhagen Symmetries of perturbed conformal field theories
Gannon 4-point functions and modular forms
Goddard Current Algebra on the Torus
Gran Near-maximal supersymmetry
Gutperle Supersymmetric Interface Theories
Gukov Four-Dimensional Kondo Problem
Hanany Baryonic moduli spaces and Counting Chiral Operators in SCFT's
Houart An E9 \subset E11 multiplet of BPS states
Hull Symmetry and Geometry in M-Theory
Kapustin The algebra of Wilson-'t Hooft operators in supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory
Kleinschmidt Constrained E10 geodesics and supergravity
Klemm Topological String Theorie on Compact CY: Modularity and Boundary Conditions
Mariño Topological string theory: a progress report
Milanesi Supersymmetric geometries in AdS/CFT
Minahan Two-loop scattering in the near-flat limit
Nicolai E10 and KE10: an Overview
Obers The phase structure of higher-dimensional black rings and black holes
Papadopoulos Supersymmetric backgrounds in ten and eleven dimensions
Reffert Categorifying the Dimer Model: from the Free Fermion to SQM
Roggenkamp Defects in Landau-Ginzburg models
Runkel D-branes, symmetries, and world sheets with defect lines
Schomerus From Supergeometry to Logarithmic CFT
Shatashvili Gauge Theories and Quantum Groups
Simon Entropy of non-extremal AdS_5 black holes
Vandoren Membrane instantons from mirror symmetry
Wendland On the relation between Conformal Field Theory and Geometry

Anton Alekseev, Université de Genève,
Matthias Blau, Université de Neuchâtel,
Matthias Gaberdiel, ETH Zürich,
The conference is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Centro Stefano Franscini, the Latsis Foundation and the Swiss Mathematical Society.