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YRISW 2019: A modern primer for 2D CFT

Scope of the school

The Young Researchers Integrability School and Workshop (YRISW) is an ongoing series of meetings devoted to review the latest advances in exact techniques in theoretical physics, at the frontier with mathematics. Past editions have focused on exact results in certain two-dimensional quantum field theories and in string theory which can be tackled with the toolbox of integrable models. The aim of the current school is the investigation of two dimensional conformal field theories, i.e. of quantum field theories that possess conformal invariance at the quantum level. This is a central topic in theoretical physics, from high-energy to condensed-matter physics, and it has deep connections with mathematics.

The YRISW spirit

This is the fourth in a series of meetings, which are characterised by an underlying idea: a meeting for young researchers, designed by young researchers. The topics will be presented in a pedagogical way, combining long blackboard lectures and tutorials, in such a way as to be accessible to PhD students in theoretical physics as well as to exceptional MSc students. All courses are part of a coherent narrative, in such a way to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest advances in two-dimensional conformal field theory.

Past editions

  • YRISW 2018, Congressi Stefano Franscini, Ascona (Switzerland), January 2018
  • YRISW 2017, Trinity College, Dublin (Ireland), February 2017
  • YRIS, Durham University (U.K.), July 2015

This series of schools was started within the Marie Curie ITN "Gauge Theory as an Integrable System" (GATIS).



Scientific Advisory Commitee

  • Constantin Bachas, ENS Paris
  • Ilka Brunner, LMU Munich
  • Patrick E. Dorey, University of Durham
  • Leonardo Rastelli, Stony Brook University
  • Volker Schomerus, DESY Hamburg



The Erwin Schroedinger Institute for Mathematical Physics

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