Photo of the HIT building where the workshop will take place

All About AdS3

ETH Zürich, HIT E41.1

16-20 November 2015


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J. de Boer: The supergravity spectrum of AdS3 backgrounds

A. Castro: Extremal higher-spin black holes in AdS3

J. David: The symmetric product and Mathieu moonshine in the heterotic string

R. Gopakumar: The higher-spin/CFT duality

D. Grumiller: The flat-space limit of AdS3/CFT2

M. Henneaux: Hypersymmetric black holes in 2+1 gravity

P. Kraus: Conformal blocks from AdS

O. Ohlsson Sax: Integrability in AdS3/CFT2

S. Razamat: The symmetric-product orbifold CFT

B. Stefański: Integrability and the Higgs-branch CFT

D. Tong: The holographic dual of AdS3xS3xS3xS1

M. Vasiliev: Higher spins in AdS3

I. Zadeh: Higgsing the stringy higher-spin symmetries


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