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International Conference on Strings, M-Theory and Quantum Gravity.

Centro Stefano Franscini Monte Verita Ascona, Switzerland

25 - 30 July 2010


The canonical arrival date is Sunday, 25 July, when there will be a welcome reception at 18.30, followed by dinner at 19.30. The canonical departure time is Friday, 30 July after lunch.


The nearest airports are Lugano, Milan, Zürich and Geneva. From there we recommend that you take a train to Locarno.

From Zürich to Locarno

If you fly to Zürich Airport, take a train to Zürich Main Station (a ten minute ride) — trains leave several times every hour from the train station just beneath the main airport building. At Zürich Main Station a direct train to Locarno leaves at 9 minutes past every even hour. On odd hours there is a train to Bellinzona at 9 minutes past the hour. In Bellinzona you can switch to the local train to Locarno. This leaves from platform 3 about 5 minutes after you arrive - don't worry if your train from Zurich is a bit late, the train to Locarno will usually wait for it. The timetable of some representative trains are collected here.

Other timetables can be found here.

From Locarno to the conference center

We shall organise a number of shuttle services from Locarno train station to the conference center. Details will be communicated closer to the time.