Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9.00 Heckman Seiberg Gubser Quevedo Berenstein
10.00 coffee break
10.30 De Rydt Billo Landsteiner Martucci Bigazzi
11.10 Vercnocke Dehouck Brynjólfsson Smyth Arean
11.50 Staessens Van Herck Imeroni Wrase Davey
12.30 lunch break
14.00 Boels Strominger Hohenegger Perz
14.40 Wulff Strominger Baumgartl O'Bannon
15.20 Keller Van Rees Gutowski Lawrence
16.00 coffee break
16.30 Hartong Volpato Zoubos
17.10 Stefanski De Roo Roest
17.50 reception
evening dinner



Berenstein: Semiclassical methods in super-conformal field theories and
                emergent geometry (slides)
Gubser: Applications of string theory to the very hot and the very cold (slides)
Heckman: Geometric Unification In F-theory (slides)
Quevedo: Exponentially large extra dimensions in IIB string compactifications:
                Cosmology vs Phenomenology (slides)
Seiberg: From Linear SUSY to Constrained Superfields (slides)
Strominger: The Kerr/CFT Correspondence (slides)
Arean: Holographic duals of 2D theories with flavor (slides)
Baumgartl: Matrix Factorisations and Superpotentials (slides)
Bigazzi: Gravity duals of unquenched quark-gluon plasma (slides)
Billo: Exotic instantons and their role in string duality (slides)
Boels: Pure Spinor Helicity Methods (slides)
Brynjólfsson: Holographic Superconductors with Lifshitz Scaling (slides)
Davey: Brane Tilings and Chern-Simons Theories (slides)
De Roo: p-branes on the waves (slides)
De Rydt: Generalized gaugings and the field-antifield formalism (slides)
Dehouck: Gravitational duality: a NUT story (slides)
Gutowski: Highly Supersymmetric Solutions (slides)
Hartong: Properties of Schroedinger Space-times (slides)
Hohenegger: A New Class of N=2 Topological Amplitudes (slides)
Imeroni: Schrödinger black holes with extremal limits (slides)
Keller: Phase transitions in large N symmetric orbifold CFTs (slides)
Landsteiner: Hydrodynamics of Holographic Superconductors (slides)
Lawrence: D-brane probes of black hole interiors (slides)
Martucci: On moduli and effective theory of N=1 warped compactifications (slides)
O'Bannon: Holographic Flavor Transport (slides)
Perz: Non-supersymmetric multicenter black holes with superpotentials (slides)
Roest: Moduli Stabilisation and De Sitter in Extended Supergravity (slides)
Smyth: Domain walls and SU(3)xSU(3) structure compactifications (slides)
Staessens: SUSY and the brane: a σ-model story (slides)
Stefanski: Superstrings on Supercosets
Van Herck: Refined bound state indices for D-particles (slides)
Van Rees: Topologically massive gravity and the AdS/(L)CFT correspondence (slides)
Vercnocke: Gödel space from wrapped M2 branes (slides)
Volpato: Current algebras and higher genus CFT partition functions (slides)
Wrase: On the Cosmology of Type II Flux Compactifications (slides)
Wulff: The superstring in AdS_4xCP^3 (slides)
Zoubos: Quantum Symmetries and Marginal Deformations (slides)