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09:30      Peter Reimann

Equilibration and thermalization under realistic preparation and measurement conditions

 Masahito Ueda

Information thermodynamics: Maxwell’s demon and quantum Szilard engine

 Joan Vaccaro

Erasure of information under conservation laws

10:15   Welcome
and a little tale on trains, sailors, and how we came to be here
 Augusto Roncaglia

A system equilibrates when diagonalizing its Hamiltonian is difficult

 Ben Schumacher

Landauer's principle, fluctuations and the Second Law

 Janet Anders

Landauer’s erasure principle in the strongly coupled quantum regime

11:00    tea break
tea break  tea break  tea break
   Jens Eisert

A quantum information view on equilibration and the emergence of statistical ensembles

 Rob Spekkens

Thermodynamics as a resource theory

 Jochen Gemmer

A transient fluctuation theorem in closed quantum systems

 Charles Bennett

Forgetting and Erasing

   Christian Gogolin

Thermalization in nature and on a quantum computer

 Jonathan Oppenheim

Thermodynamics as a resource theory (cont.)

 Robert Alicki

Two types of information and thermodynamics

 Paul Skrzypczyk 

Small thermal machines: virtual qubits and virtual temperatures.

13:00    lunch break
 lunch break  lunch break  lunch break
   Stephanie Wehner

Understanding thermalization from decoupling

Foxtrail  Michał Horodecki 


 Dominik Janzing

Three steps towards an entirely quantum description of thermodynamic machines

   Markus Mueller

Typical entanglement, coin tossing, and a general-probabilistic decoupling theorem

(Foxtrail cont.)
 Jochen Rau

Inferring constants of the motion of a small quantum system

Sania Jevtic

Thermodynamics in the presence of correlations

16:15 Afternoon by the canal
  (Foxtrail cont.)
  Last remarks and goodbyes
 Evening by the canal
Rimini (location)
Hiltl (location)